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I don’t want to pretend to know what it is like growing up as a person of color in this country or any other country for that matter. I can only tell you what it feels like growing up and being an adult in this country struggling to find my place in society. I find myself wondering where I fit in with today’s society. I feel like everyone is trying to fit in as a slave to the financial world we have built. In today’s world you can’t have or get anything without money. You can attempt to live “off the grid”, but you must be able to find land, be able to hunt and gather. I was not raised or taught that growing up and I imagine most in today’s world were not taught that either. Where do you find this “unspoken” for land? Would you not need to purchase this land from someone with money, even if you could learn the other things? Would “your” government even allow you to live untaxed and off the grid? Our nation is not what it is advertised to be to the world. I still believe the “idea” of what we advertise is the best nation in the world. We need to unite as a nation and a people and the only way to do this is to start at the top with our representatives in Washington. I don’t feel represented in my state capital, much less my nation’s capital. I want to ask you if you feel represented in your state or nation’s capital. If you do not feel that your needs are being represented, why do we continue electing the same politicians into office? Why are we not electing people who will represent our needs instead of politicians? The biggest or most reasonable explanation I can find is that the people that will truly represent our needs, simply can’t afford to run for office against these politicians and their money. It is time to say, enough is enough. It is time to stand up and say NO MORE!! It is time to stand up and say WE HAVE NO CONFIDENCE in you any longer!!!

When was the last time you saw your congress man or woman in your neighborhood or in your city? I’m not asking when was the last time they were in your city for a fund raiser or campaigning. I would like you to ask yourself when was actually the last time they were there to see what are the biggest concerns of the people they represent. When was the last time one of them asked someone you know their opinion of what was going on in your city or in today’s world environment? Have you ever been asked what you would do to change things? Should “We The People” not have an opinion about what happens in our communities, cities, states, country and by extension the world? I’m not sure about those of you who may be reading this, but I do not feel as though we have had any input at all in what is going on in our country lately. I feel as though our elected officials do nothing but bicker and argue amongst themselves, pointing fingers and blaming each other for everything while taking no responsibility at all for the problems we are facing. They seem to continually try and divide this country more and more on a daily basis. I feel as though the country is more divided than it has been in a very long time and it all starts at the top. I continually hear speeches from politicians and as they speak all I hear is we and they as if “republicans and democrats” in Washington are all that exists. When did the people stop mattering in this country? As the saying goes, s….t flows downhill. If all you have is ego, humorous, immorality and divisiveness at the top, what do you think will be flowing downhill? Are there only 2 parties in this country trying to divide us or more? There was a time when you were asked if you were a democrat or a republican. Those are no longer the only choices in this country, as it should be. You can be anything you want to be in a free country. The best part of a free country is that you can be what you want to be, and you don’t have to defend your decision. However; it seems more and more that if you don’t agree with what “people” think you should be, you will become an outcast and be ostracized by the community. It seems when you don’t agree, you are inciting hate and are intolerant of others.

I once heard a great man make a great speech and in that speech he said, “I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.” I was not present to hear this in person, but I have heard this speech numerous times in my life and yet I continue to ask myself if this dream will ever become a reality. Dr. King was speaking about races, of which there is still a long way to go in this nation and this world before everyone acts and treats each other like they wish to be treated. After all, isn’t that what being equal is really all about, treating others the way you wish to be treated? I believe we have come closer to seeing each other as equals as races and further apart as classes of people. I am speaking about how far apart we have become as social classes and the upper class of people seem to have no idea how the lower-class live day to day. I think the actual middle class have almost completely disappeared from today’s world or at least have a lesser role in society today.

I can’t help but appreciate the display of community and willingness of those wanting to get back to work so badly they are protesting the shelter in place orders given by their respective state and national leaders. Please keep in mind, these are leaders that were voted into office to lead this great nation, state, city, town and county by the same people who are now protesting the decision to shelter in place by these leaders. A decision that was not made lightly by these leaders, but, based on the safety of the citizens in their district, state or nation. I think it is comical that people think the nation’s leaders are asking people to shelter in place so they can show or take control of the people. I do, however, think the way the media has covered the protests of the right versus the protests of the left has been biased. If it is safe for the left to protest, it must be safe for the right. If it is safe for the left to gather, it must be safe for the right. If it is safe for the left to protest, it must be safe for the right to return to work. With that being said, I do know of people who have died due to this virus. I also know people who have lost their business due to having to close. You must see both sides if you are going to protest or argue your side. If you think this virus is a joke, please go volunteer at any hospital, senior facility or hospice to keep your minds and bodies busy. I realize everyone needs to make an income, but you will not be able to feed your family if you are in the hospital on your death bed or dead. I am a very firm believer in this statement:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

I watched some of these protests on TV. I saw quite a few of the protestors without masks. I think that if you are going to protest or even go back to work, what is wrong with taking the precaution of taking every safety measure available to you? I don’t care if you think the government is trying to “scare” you into submission. Why not take precautions, “just in case you’re wrong” and there actually is a virus? If there is a virus and while addressing your first amendment rights, what happens if you catch the virus and you make someone else sick? What about the person at the hospital who will be caring for you? What about the person at the drive thru that takes your cash or debit card? What about the person who handles the gas pump after you? Your first amendment rights just infringed on someone else’s rights. All I’m asking is that precautions be taken, just in case there is a virus and it’s not actually the government killing these people on purpose. I honestly do not say this out of fear for my life. I came to terms with my own mortality 2 years ago. My biggest fear is killing someone else by spreading the virus or anything else to them and directly or indirectly causing their death.

I am 100% in agreement with the protest that are going on across the nation currently. The people that are leading these protests are true leaders. However; the people that are leading the riots are the racists and people of hate that we need to try and change or heal. Those that follow and support these riots are the same that will follow the same politicians we have been following way too long. We need strong leaders who will lead this country in the right direction and into the Great Nation we all know we can become. A nation of all cultures, races and ethnicities blended together to lead the world in peace and not war. Violence will only lead to violence. Darkness can only lead to darkness. It will take light to drive out the darkness and love to drive out the hatred and the years of oppression and suppression. Not just the oppression and suppression of 1 race or ethnicity, but the oppression or suppression of all who feel as though they don’t have a place today. We need leaders who see all people as equals and all people the same way as they see themselves. We need leaders who will treat the janitor the same way they will treat the CEO. In other words, they will treat others the way they want or expect to be treated. That is how a true leader leads his or her followers. I would like you to ask yourself, how can I make my country better? What can I do to make a positive change? JFK asked at his inaugural address; “Ask not what my country can do for me, but what can I do for my country?” I think that is the kind of change we need in this country. We need a change of attitude all around. I seem to constantly hear people asking, what’s in it for me? One of the things that I was taught growing up was to always help others when you are able. It doesn’t really matter if they can help you. One day, you will need help, and someone will be there to help you. I can’t tell you the number of times that I have needed help with something, and someone has been there to help me. I can’t say someone has always been there, but more times than not, I had help. Let’s focus on finding those leaders that want to help us as a people and a nation so that we as a people and a nation can help them build this nation up to what we all know it can become.

I heard a speech from one of the protest leaders in Greensboro, NC last night at the beginning of the protest in downtown Greensboro. At the beginning of her speech she stated that this has nothing to do with white people and that white people needed to shut their mouths. This was about black people and that black people were the only voices she needed to hear. I noticed that about 30 or 40 percent of the crowd standing around her seemed to be white and they were there in support of the protest that had been organized. I understand that this is about the oppression and suppression that the black race has felt for way too long, but there were several hundred if not thousands of white people there in support of their cause. I listened to her entire speech. At the end of her speech she encouraged everyone to be off the streets by the 8:00 pm curfew so that no one would be arrested or find themselves confronted by the police. However; she did say that if you found yourself out to make sure that you were in pairs and not alone. She then asked that all white people stand as shields for the black people because the police would not shoot them and even if they did, the white people have health insurance. I found this completely offensive and I understand why so many people feel that racism is still such a big part of our world today. These protests should be about bringing the people together for a real cause and not about driving a bigger wedge between us as a people. These are not the kinds of leaders we need to move this country forward. This is backward thinking. We need to stop dividing the races and start bringing them together as one. Even job applications need to remove the section asking for your race. I know it is optional now, but it should not even be on a job application at all any longer.

Dividing this country is what almost every president, senator, house member, news channel and special interest group has tried to do since I have been an adult. I like to study history and from what I have read about and watched; it goes back even further than my adulthood. The more divided this country becomes, the easier it becomes to be taken over by those who would like to see it destroyed. Although this country is far from perfect, it is one of the few countries in the world that can be a free country to do and say what you want daily. Of course, there are laws that must be maintained and followed to avoid complete anarchy. For those that say these protests can only be about the black race or people of color, I must strongly disagree. Are we trying to change only the white race? Are we saying that only the white race is a race of privilege? I understand what is being said that a white person is less likely to be pulled over, frisked, hassled, arrested or even killed by a police officer because they are white. Is it because only the white race are police officers? What is the reason behind the white privilege? Was every police officer raised to think that white people should be treated differently than other races? Is this what is taught at every police academy across the nation? We need to get to the root cause of the issue in order to fix the problem.

I realize we can all go back and trace the history of the USA from its founding until today. The history of slavery and the obstacles that have come into play throughout history. It will never be something that should be forgotten or something that can ever be forgiven by the black race toward the white race. Abraham Lincoln put an end to slavery with the Emancipation Proclamation and over 360,000 white union soldiers died fighting to free the black slaves. That was not enough because it did not end there. White people or some white people still saw people of color as lower class or not even as humans. There are some white people who have never treated people of color as humans. However; that is not all white people. To group all whites together based on the actions of some or a few is not fair to the entire race of white people. I believe slavery and the treatment of black people are part of the root cause that needs to be fixed in order to solve the problem we face today. It is not something that can be overcome overnight, but it is something the country has been dealing with for centuries and in order to overcome this issue, it needs to stop being an issue. It is time for forgiveness to begin and healing to take place. We can’t hold onto this forever. It doesn’t mean we forget where we came from, but it must mean that we must move on. Separating the races was never a good idea and it still is not a good idea. Why must there be a BET TV? Can’t we all just enjoy watching all tv without intentionally trying to separate or divide everyone? I honestly could care less if there is a BET, WET, AET, HET or whatever; I just feel it is another way to divide the country. I try to understand the network was created because black entertainers didn’t feel as if their shows or entertainers were getting enough exposure in the white entertainment world of Hollywood. I am not going to dispute their feelings because I am not them and I can’t get inside their bodies and feel what they are feeling. I just want the country to come together and stop dividing.

I have tried to watch and keep up with the events happening in our world recently so I can have an informed opinion to discuss these things with others because what is happening in our country is really disturbing me. I don’t want to get just one opinion from one news outlet or just the opinion from one side of the aisle. I have tried to discuss these things with the people that I know and all I hear is name calling and how much most of the people in my family hate the president. I honestly do not care if you hate the president or not. I want to know what you think about how he is handling the nations issues currently. However, if you hate him, I would like to know why you hate him. Is it because of his politics, something he has said, because he is on twitter, explain it to me? Don’t tell me you heard he did this or he said this or that. If you hate someone, you must have firsthand knowledge of something??? Do you think our president is a racist? If this is what you think, I want to know why. I want to know why a racist has done so much to help the economy and lives of minorities. Do you think he supports police brutality? If this is what you think, I want to know why. Is it because you think he is a racist and only white people are police officers? Do hate him because he is rich and was raised as a white privileged racist? I’m looking for dialogue because I know our country is at a crossroads and something needs to be done before it is too late.

Every police officer in the country is obviously not white, so we must ask ourselves if white privilege is something that is being taught at every police academy across the country. Are our police officers of all races being taught that if you see a white person, you are to treat them differently than every other race or ethnicity? I would find it hard to believe that a black man walking into the police academy could be so indoctrinated into the “blue way of thinking” that this training would not have gotten out at some point in our history. What about any other race walking into the police academy, doesn’t it reason that somewhere along the line, something would have leaked out if this is what they were being trained to think at every police academy in the country? Even “The stain on the dress from the white house” secret got out to the press and not very many people knew about that little stain in history. Doesn’t it make more sense that police have learned during their time on the job that more crime is committed in certain areas than in other areas? Unfortunately, the crime rate in lower income areas is statistically higher than the crime rate in middle- and upper-income areas. As I am writing this, there were 102 shootings in the city of Chicago last weekend. Most of those shootings were of black American men by black American men. I can’t help but wonder why there has been no outcry as to why nothing is being done about these shooting and murders. Why don’t these lives matter? Why don’t their lives matter?

There has been a very vocal and large movement over the last few years called Black Lives Matter. However; it only seems to protest when a white person kills a black man or woman. Why don’t their lives matter when there are several thousand black men getting murdered every year by other black men? We as a nation need to solve the violence going on in this nation. We need to take our nation back from those causing the violence. We send soldiers overseas to take back nations from those causing violence and genocide in other nations. What about the genocide being done in our own nation? What about all the young men and women being lost in our own country? Yes; this is a free country, but at some point, we must take back our country so everyone can walk the streets in every city without fear of being killed just for walking down the street. It has gotten to the point that some can’t even sit in their own home without fear of being attacked or even killed in their own home. Intruders feel comfortable walking into homes without fear of being caught or fear of the repercussions. Bullets are flying through the walls of homes in some neighborhoods and people, good people, are afraid to speak or say who it was that was doing the shooting for fear that they will be killed for testifying. We have the forces and the people willing to take back our country if “The Country and its people would just allow it”. The gangs, drug dealers and thugs that are trying to run these neighborhoods and cities need to be stopped. We can take these cities back and stop the fear and death tolls. I am not saying it will be easy and I am not saying it will be without controversy. I am also not saying that Marshall Law needs to be put into place. However; I am saying it will take a firm hand and a change in mind-set to make this happen. It will take people in the community to also stand up and willing to be part of the solution, much like the military or police training in other countries. Reserve forces will need to be placed in these neighborhoods to police these neighborhoods and train those that live there and insert their own community police departments because it is obvious that the current police departments, if they have any, aren’t staffed, equipped or trained properly or they just simply do not care. Once this crime element is either driven out, put away in prison or completely changed, the mind-set of the police can be changed.

When police see people coming and going from this area, they should no longer see someone coming and going from a high crime district. They should now see someone coming and going from a respectable area of town. There is no need to pull them over or stop them unless they are committing a traffic violation or in the act of committing a crime. Those police that continue to do so, will then become easier to weed out of the profession. Those police that continue to harass these good people are not the police officers that deserve to wear the uniform. It no longer becomes a he said, she said scenario because these are no longer high crime areas and these bad police no longer have an excuse. They deserve the same prison as every other criminal.

I understand what was written above can and will be taken by some as controversial and as an excuse for the bad police that are out there. It is truly not intended to be an excuse for them. There is a problem in these high crime areas. Most of these problems can be traced back to drugs, gangs and history of abuse by the system. The people in these areas, of all colors, must have people they can look up to as examples. All they currently have are the criminals and they are forced to either follow them or be silenced by them. The children will be able to look up to the men and women who help clean up the neighborhoods instead of the people who destroy the neighborhood. We as a nation must get to the root of the problems to solve the problems. Simply scraping off the topping and dividing the races and the nation is not going to solve the problem. Until the lives being lost at the hands of one’s own race matter, I don’t see the lives being lost at the hands of another race doing anything but keeping the races divided. Every life lost should matter, no matter how that life was lost or to whose hand it was lost. It is hypocritical to demand change when 1 or 100 lives of any race are lost at the hands another race when thousands of lives are lost at the hands of their own race every year. How can we demand others to change if we are not willing to change ourselves?

I ask that this change begin with who we place in our local government and in Washington. I believe it is obvious that those in government have no idea of what the needs of the people in their neighborhood or nation are currently. I believe they have been out of touch with the “real people” in their district, city, neighborhood and this country for quite some time. I am not putting the blame on any one person. Presidents change every 4 or 8 years. Governors even change every 4 or 8 years. However; people in the House and Senate seem to stay forever. If you want real change in this country, it is time to put a stop to career politicians. Do you really think someone who stays in Washington, D.C. for 12+ years really knows what is going on in your state, not to mention your city or your neighborhood? Have you ever heard any of them come up with a real plan to lower the crime in your city or neighborhood? Did that plan work? I’ve heard different kinds of plans. The most infamous plans I have heard is “gun control”. Chicago has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. I would also like you to know that Chicago also has one of the highest gun violence rates in the nation. Does that make any sense to anyone? Gun control didn’t take control of that problem in Chicago. These “thugs” and yes, that is what these gangs are, thugs, need to be addressed and moved out. The only way to move them out is to treat them as the enemy they are, just like an enemy of war. We are in a war for our country. Yes, the prisons are already overcrowded, and we can come up with the solution to that problem as well next.

I believe another controversial move would be to legalize marijuana nationwide and collect the taxes on it to pay for renovations in these areas that we are now focusing on cleaning up. It not only would provide much needed housing for the homeless in these areas, but also jobs for those that could work on the renovation projects. If we are going to legalize marijuana, that would allow us to pardon or offer clemency to those imprisoned due to marijuana charges that do not also include other violent charges. Since we are going to be releasing some prisoners, which should start relieving some of the overcrowding issues in some of the prisons around the nation. As these released prisoners return to their families or wherever they decide to return to, they could be offered work as well on the renovation projects to start putting their lives back together. I am not promoting or recommending releasing the violent offenders, but I believe people deserve a chance to make something out of their chance at life and since we’re legalizing what they were imprisoned for in the first place, they deserve a chance to live their life like everyone else. Legalizing marijuana also would put a big dent in the drug dealers’ income. It will not put them out of business, but we will have to depend on the community and the re-trained officers to put a stop to what transpires on the street. A community that is not scared of what the drug dealers or gangs will do to them because they know the new police have their back is more likely to stand up for themselves and testify when they see things going on that should not be going on in their neighborhood. It is time to take back these neighborhoods and to put these families back together that have been broken up by these drugs and by the prison system. We shouldn’t forget that some of these people that will be released under the legalization program can return to their families and restore the family unit. A broken family unit is another and statistics say the biggest reason for children to turn to a life of crime. Perhaps restoring a family will prevent some of these children from becoming residents of the state and relieving more of the overcrowding of the prison system. Rebuilding these communities can offer pride in the communities and what they or we have built as a community. These rebuilt communities were not given to anyone. I don’t think people want handouts, I think they want jobs and I believe they take pride in being able to provide for their families. I know I am an individual who take pride in providing for my family. Why would I be any different than anyone else?

I have been told that is blind thinking and not looking at things through others’ eyes or others’ points of view. Although I understand what the person means when she tells me this and I try to see things from different points of view, I find it difficult. I have only been me in the last 49 plus years. I like to think that I am looking at things from all angles, but how does one honestly know if they are looking at things the way someone else would look at them. Are there people out there who have walked in someone else’s shoes? I look at myself as a fair and honest person. I respect everyone I meet with until they give me a reason to no longer respect them. I have been pulled over and given tickets by the police on 5 different occasions in my life. On all 5 occasions, I deserved the tickets even though I think they had my car on their radar after the first 2 since 3 of those 5 came in the same car. I showed to the officers the respect they deserved, they gave me the tickets and on all, but 1 occasion sent me on my way. I did have 1 occasion where they searched my car because they said they smelled something funny coming from my car. Once the car had been searched and nothing was found, they sent me on my way. I lost my license on 3 separate occasions due to these tickets and could have blamed the cops, the cheap lawyer (because that’s all I could afford) or the judge, but I was in the wrong and eventually learned my lesson. My lesson was, I simply can’t own a car without cruise control because I just don’t pay enough attention to the speedometer. My point to this story is that I could hold a grudge against the police because they took my license, but it wasn’t their fault or their decision for me to break the law and speed. I also know this is minor compared to going to prison, but the principle is still the same. We need to start taking responsibility for our own actions and stop blaming everything that goes wrong in our lives on someone else or another group of people. We have our own choices to make and our own lives to live. It is time we took control of those decisions and our own lives.

As the nation becomes more and more divided, I think it becomes more obvious that we need a US ambassador to the US. The politicians that are supposed to be listening to their constituents are no longer paying attention. If the voters are not going to stand up and remove the politicians and replace them with people who will listen to the people, we need an ambassador who will speak for us. This seems and is redundant since we already have elected officials who should be doing this for the people. I hope you understand after reading those statements that you fully understand how far we have fallen in this country. I just recommended starting another government program or office because our current government officials are not doing their jobs. That is how our government works. Instead of firing or replacing those employees that are not working, they or we just hire more people to do the job that they are not doing. I believe it is imperative that the life-long politicians be removed from their positions of power over the American people. They will continue to only care about themselves and their special interest groups. They stopped caring about the people of this country a long time ago. All you need to do is look around at the homeless population in our nation to understand how little they care about our people. These politicians continue to line their portfolios and pockets with the money from special interest groups and the money from the good citizens of this country while we have thousands of people living on the streets. How can anyone who sees this and has the power to change it, not do anything to help these people? The answer is simple, they only care about the money and the power. It is time for us to remove them from power and go after the money they have stolen from us.

I actually wrote an email to one of our senators today to say thank you for a speech he gave in front of the senate. I had written him because I thought his speech came from the heart and not from the pocketbook or billfold in this case. I didn’t think he was reaching out to any special interest groups or to get good publicity, but because he actually cared about what he was saying. You need to understand, I am not one of his constituents, but I wanted him to know that it was appreciated by at least 1 person. I got a response from his office telling me that he doesn’t have time for anyone outside of his constituency and that I should not expect a reply from his office. I wasn’t really looking for a response in the first place, but to receive that kind of email back from his office told me exactly what the people of this country are thought of by our politicians. Even if I am not one of his constituents, I am a citizen of this nation and I don’t expect to be ignored by an employee. In today’s world we are offended by everything and everyone. This did not offend me, but it did piss me off to be told that a citizen is not important enough for one of their employees to acknowledge. This is exactly what our politicians think of us as a group. They only care what we think when it comes time for our vote and if we can’t vote for them, they will never care about us because there is literally nothing we can do for them.

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